Cash Flow base on Direct Method


An accurate control of cash flow is very important for every enterprise, especially in an economic situation when the bank help is expensive or inaccessible. Our solution is intended for the incoming and outgoing financial flow control according to the direct method, for faster and efficient report preparation, which will improve the cash flow control at an enterprise.

The Aston Baltic cash flow report according to the direct method is built on powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality and expands the ledger’s analytical capacities and automate the direct cash flow report preparation at enterprises, where Microsoft Dynamics AX (former Axapta) has been already introduced.

Our solution helps to streamline the preparation of your cash flow report according to the direct method. The most important features of the solution:

  • For the analytical purposes there has been developed a separate account plan and dimensions that enable to classify the financial transactions;
  • Considerably reduces (by 98 %) the double cash transaction processing for the purposes of the financial analysis;
  • It is possible to redistribute (process) in the cash flow report already accounted transactions;
  • The cash flow report automatic redistribution process is adjustable;
  • Account for atypical and erroneous cash transactions can be bestowed manually;
  • It is possible to define also the unrestricted payment application for the cash flow analysis;
  • A cash flow report is configurable for each enterprise as required;
  • Flexible cash flow reporting periods: year, quarter, month, week.
  • The Microsoft Excel PIVOT functionality is applied for the visualization of a cash flow report.