Logistics and distribution

If your business is connected with the stock (materials and goods) logistics or stock management and accounting, then you need software designed for quick, accurate and efficient registration of every operation. Prevention of uncontrolled, “non-transparent” processes and extermination of misappropriation cases might have a major impact on your company’s competitiveness.

The Aston Baltic Logistics and Distribution Solution is built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX (before AXAPTA) functionality in order to automate the store accounting for enterprises engaged in logistics, production, distribution, wholesale and retail business.

By integrating the solution with the supply and transport systems you can automate the cargo consolidation processes, which enables you to implement cross-docking and delivery route planning processes. The solution streamlines the order management, goods supply, receipt, storage, residue stock maintenance, completion and delivery. This functionality enables you to focus on growth of your business: by increasing satisfaction of customers with faster and more accurate fulfillment of delivery orders.

Most significant elements of functionality:

  • Consignment Management, full consignment movement registration, consignment delivery according to the FIFO principle, checking against the document or with the data terminal,
  • Delivery Schedule Maintenance. The solution ensures the delivery schedule maintenance per routes on a particular weekday,
  • Pricing Action Management. For goods pertaining to the distributor it is possible to arrange the pricing actions and reserve the required volumes of goods,
  • Customer’s Assortment Control. The solution enables every customer to develop an agreed assortment group by entering into a vendor contract,
  • Label Development and Printing. An interface with dedicated equipment (printer) has been developed for the necessary labels for package, pallet, rack printing solution,
  • Returned Goods Handling. The solution anticipates the handling of goods returned and registration of the return reason, as well as its analysis for the purpose of return reduction,
  • Excise Stamp Accounting. The solution is intended for the accounting of excise stamps provided for by statutory instruments on alcohol drinks turnover, tax calculation and preparation of reports necessary for the supervision authorities,
  • Inventory Process Automation. The solution includes embedded screen forms and processes for inventory automation, where mobile data terminals can be used,
  • Vehicle Accounting. The solution offers the vehicle accounting in order to facilitate the work of a traffic operator, by choosing a more suitable vehicle type for a certain cargo volume,
  • Mobile Data Terminals. The warehouse operations can be assigned and registered through mobile data terminals;
  • Third Party Logistics. Data exchange with logistics partners, accounting of operations and catalogues per partners, execution of attendant documents on behalf of a partner, processing of a number of partners – configuration and routing – in a single process,
  • Cross docking. The solution processes different delivery arrangement scenarios – routing at different stages, routing of a third party unit load,
  • Data Analysis Using OLAP. The solution applies for the analytical reports and statistical data analysis the functionality of MS Excel and MS SQL OLAP and MS SQL Reporting Services.

Solution Process Chart

Solution Advantages

  • Shorter delivery order processing time, because the processes are computerized to the maximum and divided per roles, this enables to prioritize orders and perform consolidation exactly before the vehicle starting route, also one order can be completed by a number of order pickers,
  • Reduces the number of consolidation and delivery errors, because the mobile data terminals are used for automation of the consolidation processes, which record the barcodes of actually consolidated goods; on-line registration of operations ensures quick error detection,
  • More efficient space management. Optimization of the storage space and delivery point according to the rate of fulfillment and /or turnover. Optimal calculation of space for storage (location area, distance) and delivery (taking into consideration the distance, fulfillment, desirable location, consignment presence).


Solution has been fully or partially implemented at enterprises

Dominante Loģistikas sistēma JSC, EUGESTA un partneri Ltd, Baltic Logistic Solutions Ltd , EstTrans JSC and other enterprises